Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hallucinate Jelly Sandwich

Hello there!

It is fantastically sunny in the UK for once - maybe summer is finally here - and I am nearly out of revision hell, which means I can play with my nail polishes more! 

I decided to try my first ever glitter jelly sandwich manicure, and I think it turned out okay! 

Photo taken in sunlight
I started with one coat of Barry M Nude, which is a sheer, jelly-ish peachy nude. It doesn't have much colour to it, but it's good for french manicures and things like that. It can give your nails a really healthy colour too - if the tips aren't all stained like mine are in all of these photos. I've never tried to wear it to full opacity, so I don't know if it will go opaque. The formula is the reliable, lovely formula you'd expect from Barry M.  

I layered it with Hallucinate by Calvin Klein, which is a mix of various coloured iridescent tiny square glitters in a clear base. I've seen orange, yellow, blue and green in there, which seem to be the main colours, but sometimes it flashes with a red or a purple. It' so dynamic, has a great formula and looks great over everything I've tried it with! I took some bottle shots so you can see the glitter more clearly. 
Macro of bottle taken in sunlight
Blurry photo to show the sparkle, in sunlight
Then I just repeated the process - a coat of Nude, then a coat of Hallucinate. I finished with a super thin coat of Nude so I didn't obscure the glitter too much, and topped it off with my Rimmel Pro Super Wear topcoat. And then struggled to get the beautiful sparkle to show up on camera, so now you have lots of photos. They kind of remind me of opals - and I love me some opals!

Photo taken indoors, indirect natural light

Photo taken in sunlight

Photo taken indoors, indirect natural light

Photo taken in sunlight
 I hope you liked this manicure as much I did!

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